Here we would like to introduce you to the team behind the scenes. We all work hard to make the product as smart, secure and intuitive as it is - even it is »just« an interface. In this section you will find some facts about our jobs as well as some milestones and events in the history of connexas peppered with a few fun-facts. Enjoy!

VOLKER BLAESIG — Executive Director

A white elephant with long history in SAP and ECM: With more than 20+ years of experience he knows best - even he is running sales you really can trust him! Volker will give a fast feedback how your business idea can be realized.

MARIO FLIEGNER — Lead consultant connexas

As certified project manager, Mario is your guaranty for a successful project based on his long professional services history.

PHILIPP HOEFLER — Lead developer connexas

Philipp has been with connexas right from the beginning and knows each line of code in person. He is your guaranty for a robust product.


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history of connexas

See how it was growing up to now!

  • 2017
  • Ongoing

    We are in progress to develop our new major release connexas 4!

  • November

    #AlfrescoDay in London: Even it was the last event in 2017, it was again also great success for us, too. Merry Christmas to all! See you next year...

  • October

    Worthless to mention that the Alfresco Day in Paris is crowded... it seems the law :-) We've been there with our booth and a presentation (October, 11).

  • September

    We've been a sponsor of the Alfresco US Partner Day 2017 in New York City (September, 12).

  • July

    Introducing our new product line connexas4fiori. With the new product you are able to run Alfresco Process Services (formerly Activiti) workflows through SAP Fiori. Learn more about connexas 4 fiori.

  • May

    Launching our existing SAP-Activiti connector with the re-branded name connexas4process as new product line of connexas! Access SAP data within Alfresco Process Services (formerly Activiti workflows) by our solution connexas 4 process.

  • Even February

    ...and we continued about 1 week later at the Alfresco Day New York where we've supported our US partner ZIA Consulting (07-Feb-2017).

  • February

    We've started the new year in Genevè #AlfrescoDayGeneve, Switzerland (01-Feb-2017)...

  • 2016
  • December

    We´re closing this successful year with participating the Alfresco Day in Vienna, Austria (06-Dec-2016). Now it´s time to cool down, relax and to prepare already some things for the upcoming year.
    Have a wonderful Christmas time!
    Happy Holidays!

    See you in 2017...

  • October

    By end of October we had a meeting with ZIA Consulting and even with Alfresco in the «Emerald City» - in Seattle, WA. Volker and the guys enjoyed the time even while exploring the city at Pike Place Market.
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  • June

    On June, 14th 2016 we had our home game in Munich at the #AlfrescoDayMunich! It was a great pleasure to meet many customers and partners at one of Munichs best locations with spectuacular views over Munich and the Alps!

  • March

    We´ve been on the Alfresco-Day in Paris (March, 30th) which was a great success. Many customers and prospects! We were also glad to meet our valued partner SopraSteria and Alfstore.

  • February

    We´ve been on the Alfresco-Day in Barcelona (Feb, 10th) where we have met our Spanish partner and some new prospects.

  • 2015
  • November

    We´ve been on the Alfresco-Day in Rome (November, 17th) where we have met our Italian partner and customer.

  • Even October

    We´ve been on the Alfresco-Day in Warsaw (October, 20th) as a sponsor and with our own booth. Volker also had a speaker session.

  • October

    We´ve successfully passed the SAP certification for our new version connexas 3!
    connexas 3 has been certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver via the SAP integration scenario BC-AL 7.40.
    Expiry date: October 29, 2018

  • Even June

    We´ve been on the Alfresco-Day in Madrid as a sponsor and with our own booth. Volker also had a speaker session. It was a very successful day with many insights and many customers (even some connexas customers). We´ll also take the opportunity to be present at some other Alfresco-Days. Check the Alfresco-Day global tour.

  • June

    Website relaunch! A fresh, clean and responsive design welcomes you on our product website. Detailed information about all features and our services are now available at a glance.

  • April

    We´ve been on the Alfresco-Day in Frankfurt (April, 21st) as a sponsor and with our own booth.

  • March

    We´ve been invited to Orlando to demonstrate connexas on our booth at the Alfresco Sales Kickoff.

  • 2014
  • October

    Alfresco Summit 2014 in London: We´ve been there to promote our latest release.

  • September

    Alfresco Summit 2014 in San Francisco: We´ve been there to promote our latest release.

  • 2013
  • November

    Alfresco Summit 2013: We've been in Barcelona and in Boston to present connexas at our booth. Picture shows our Boston booth.

  • July

    Our version connexas 2.5 has received the label "Alfresco certified technology" as the first product ever.

  • 2012
  • November

    We've received the SAP certification for version 2.5 of connexas. First milestone and first release as a product instead a solution.

  • November

    Alfresco DevCon in Berlin: We´ve been to the developer convention to get starting familiar with the community.

  • April - October

    Hard work to make product out of the current solution.

  • March

    pernexas GmbH has acquired CTAC-Connector.

  • 2008
  • Summer

    First time the CTAC-Connector was sold as solution to a customer

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