PDM: Cost Optimization

Trying to optimize the license costs in a company is always an important aspect within the PDM/PLM area. With our “Optimization of license costs” template we have an effective solution for Enovia V6 to solve this issue. By checking the last login date of the users, we can find out all users who have not logged in since a certain date. This users will be disabled and their licenses will be revoked.
By using our template, it is possible that you don’t need to purchase new licenses as they may be always sufficient through the deactivated users. In addition, users will be disabled, who have changed the department or left the company in order to comply with safety guidelines.
The user (if still active in the company) and the ENOVIA V6 administrator will be notified by mail through this process. Furthermore, a clear report in PDF format or as an Excel file can be generated, which is available for the administrator.

Compatible with any version of Enovia since version Enovia MatrixOne 10.6

You will find some additional information of our “Appointment management” template in a PDF file behind this link (German language only).


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