Which services do we offer?

Besides the development of connexas, we also offer effective services related to our Alfresco-SAP integration. Based on our 20+ years of SAP expertise and our 15+ years of ECM knowledge (please refer to our «Expertise Table» on the left side), we are able to help you to manage any business scenario related to SAP and ECM (Alfresco in this case). Of course, often requested scenarios and features will result in the core product in one of the next available versions.

The following use-cases and scenarios are already available with the core product of connexas:

SAP Archivelink

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Document Finder


SAP Records Management

SAP Case Management

On top of this, we offer our services and our additional business consulting. To get familiar with the topic at all, we recommend to choose our Starter Package.

Starter Package / Proof Of ConceptBest value

Best way to start connecting Alfresco with SAP in a certified way!
With our starter package we offer a great option to demonstrate connexas with all its features at your company during a Proof Of Concept. We prefer to start with an initialization workshop to get rid of your requirements, talking on the same level at the same language. After that connexas will be installed on your system - where your Alfresco administrator should be with us. We will show the simplicity of the installation and even the configuration, so that he get a good feeling to be able to manage the integration from a technical point of view completely by himself.
Once connexas is up and running we will switch to the SAP part and configure the scenarios that we have agreed in the initialization workshop. This part should be accompanied by your SAP administrator. Withing a final workshop we can discuss among other things about customer specific uses-cases that can be implemented in addition by using our open-source framework framexas or how business processes can be improved - and of course discuss any open questions.

What is included?
  • Initialization workshop
  • Installation and configuration of connexas
  • Configuring scenarios
  • Final workshop
What is the price?

The starter package is offered for a price of: €4,000


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A note to the Starter Package: Based on my experience with our valued customers, this packages offers the best way to start with connexas as Alfresco-SAP integration.
Volker Blaesig
SAP Global Partner
Alfresco Authorized Partner
SAP certified business solution
Alfresco certified technology

Consulting: Additional Data Replication

One step beyond the default meta-data replication!
Is connexas already successfully up and running in your company? And now you are struggling with the fact, that you have to introduce or to adapt new business-processes to your Alfresco-SAP integration? Or maybe some business-cases has changed over time?
We can help you to manage this on a project base. We can replicate any additional meta-data from SAP to Alfresco and vice versa. To extend the current Alfresco-SAP integration, we will use our open-source framework framexas which is already part of your connexas installation. On top of that, we build your custom solution and by using framexas it is guaranteed that your custom solution will also work with newer versions of connexas. In terms of upgrade this means: The operation can be guaranteed.

What do we offer?
  • Adapting Alfresco
  • Adapting SAP
  • Adapting connexas by framexas
  • Delivery based on arrangement
  • Documentation
What is the price?

It depends on the project scope. Just ask us!


I´m interested!
Our open-source framework framexas is the way to go if you want to extend your Alfresco-SAP integration in a smart way! The best: It´s delivered with the core product.
Mario Fliegner

Consulting: Document Migration To Alfresco

Still a question: What about ... the legacy data?
We do have the tools and the experience available to migrate documents of any archive that is connected as content repository behind SAP to Alfresco. We did already successful migrations from:

  • IBM FileNet to Alfresco
  • OpenText to Alfresco
  • Various legacy systems (e.g. Keyfile, InvesDoc, ...) to Alfresco
Because we´re using SAP tools to read the documents from the existing content repository and write it to the new content repository (Alfresco), we strongly stick on SAP standard functionality (Archivelink). This allows a consistent and reliable migration.

What do we offer?
  • Migration program
  • Support with our experience and knowledge
  • Documentation
What is the price?

The price is based on a fixed price component for the tools used in the process and the provessional services needed.


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Consulting: SAP DB Document Migration & Cleanup

The challenge to migrate documents from SAP internal database and clean it up
We can help you to migrate all documents that are currently stored in the SAP internal database either to Alfresco or any other content repository. In addition, we have the tools available to cleanup the SAP internal database after the migration (because even the documents are now gone, file size of SAP internal database is still huge). Keywords for SAP internal database tables are: SOFFCONT1, *ASRCONT* (like ASRCONT03 or T5ASRCONT01),...

Please check out our separate website on this topic (including detailed information and videos):

Detailed information on pernexas.com!

What do we offer?
  • Migration program
  • Cleanup tools
  • Support with our experience and knowledge
  • Documentation
What is the price?

The price is based on a fixed price component for the tools used in the process and the provessional services needed.


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