All about the available features

By choosing connexas as a certified Alfresco-SAP integration you will have a wide range of features availabe that are ready to use. This section explores the capabilities that are offered with the product. All mentioned features below are included in the delivery with no extra charge. Please let us know if you have any questions or want to deep dive into one of the features.

Alfresco 5.0, 5.1 + 5.2 Support

Alfresco Content Services

Clustering Support

Default Data Replication

Extendable by framexas

HTTPS Support

Highlight Linked Documents

Multi Language Support

Multi Platform Support

Multi SAP System Support

Open SAP Business Object from Alfresco

SAP Document Finder Support

SAP S/4 HANA support

SAP Solution Manager Support

SSO (Single-Sign-On)

Archivelink scenarios

All SAP Archivelink scenarios, based on the SAP HTTP-Content Server 4.7 protocol are supported:

  • Managing incoming documents such as invoices
  • Managing outgoing documents such as order confirmations
  • Data Archiving (ADK)
  • Print List Archiving (e.g. quarter end report)
  • DART (Data Retention Tool)

Trigger SAP scenarios from Alfresco

To provide the capability of triggering some action in SAP from Alfresco side, a couple of scenarios are available by default. The framework, used to provide this functionality, is our integrated framework called framexas (see below). The following use-cases can be covered by using the provided document-types:

Start SAP Workflow:
The most flexible way to trigger an arbitrary action on SAP side from Alfresco. Options for "early archiving" or "late archiving" are available. Any complex workflow in SAP can be triggered by the Alfresco document of the special document-type.
Create Archivelink
Provides the ability to connect an arbitrary document, that was created in Alfresco, to a particular SAP business object.
Barcode Document:
Use the barcode document-type to connect the Alfresco document with the SAP business object.

Default Data Replication

The following meta-data from the SAP business object will be replicated by default and are available at the Alfresco document:

  • SAP Object Id
  • SAP Object Type
  • SAP Document Type
  • SAP Client
  • SAP Reserve
  • SAP Archive Date
  • SAP Deletion Date
  • SAP Short Description
  • SAP Filename
  • SAP Creator
  • SAP Creation Time
All these SAP meta-data are available after activating the associated Alfresco jobs (which are shipped with the connexas core product). Need more meta-data in Alfresco available? Either extend it by yourself or we can help you to manage this (as a service)!

Open SAP business object from Alfresco

Once an Alfresco document is linked to SAP, a new document action appears that allows to open the SAP business object directly with the SAP Web-GUI and within the correct transaction! The following SAP objects are covered by default:
  • BKPF
  • BUS1065
  • BUS2010
  • BUS2012
  • BUS2032
  • BUS2081
  • BUS2105
This list of predefined SAP objects can be easily enhanced just by editing a file in the repository (no server restart required). Also, this feature can be enabled or disabled per SAP system.

Highlighting of linked documents

Documents and folders that are connected to their corresponding business objects in SAP can be easily identified by a small icon in front of the document/folder - regardless of the view. It can be seen at a glance whether the document has a SAP connection or not.

Free Trial Version
Try before you buy! Get a full functional trial version of connexas and convince yourself.

10 SAP systems can connect to 1 Alfresco

Connect up to 10 different SAP systems to one Alfresco instance. For each SAP system it would be possible to:

  • Have a separate document root folder (Alfresco site or repository folder)
  • Handle it as pure Archivelink only
  • Enable or disable jobs
  • Enable or disable certificates
  • Enable or disable "Open in SAP" feature (and overwrite SAP Object settings)

Instead connecting 10 different SAP systems, this feature also can be used to connect up to 10 content repositories of 1 SAP system - with the same advantages.

Extend it with framexas

Our small and lightweight integration framework framexas offers the capability to extend connexas in an easy way. It is also included in the delivery and it can be used to adapt and implement additional use-cases that are not covered by the core product. For example, it is possible to:

  • Replicate any additional meta-data from the SAP business objects to Alfresco
  • Replicate data from Alfresco to SAP
It is up to the customer to implement additional scenarios by itself. But we also offer related services to our framework framexas. The adaptation can be done by subscribing to events. We have a complimentary project on GitHub that allows you, to figure out all available Events of your connexas version.
If you need more information about the framework, please contact us!

Administration panel

More related to the administration than to any enduser scenario is the connexas Admin-Panel, which is also included within the core product of connexas. It contains information about the current configuration of the Alfresco-SAP interface. For example:

  • Check license and maintenance information - check for updates
  • Review the configuration of all connected SAP systems
  • View information about the jobs (enabled/disabled, invokation)
  • Set log-levels of connexas to identify issues with the configuration
The connexas Admin-Panel offers the capability to have all Alfresco-SAP related information available within one view at one point. No need to collect the information from different files and resources.

Documents Dashlet

We offer a complimentary goody for all Alfresco Share users: A dashlet that shows all SAP linked documents related to a given criteria. It is hosted on GitHub and everyone can download and install it. We appreciate, if you contribute any changes that makes the dashlet still better!

  • Alfresco 5.x only
  • Filter for document type
  • Set number of results
  • Show only linked documents of the current user
The dashlet is not part of the product and it is not officially supported.
Download: SAP-Documents-Dashlet

connexas is available in the SAP APP Center
You can find the latest version connexas 3.1.3 also in the SAP APP Center.