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We would like to give a bit more background information of the company that is behind connexas. Often, both names are confused with each other. But while connexas is the name of one of our products, pernexas is the company name behind that covers the entire organisation.

pernexas GmbH was founded in the year 2008. We deliver products and services with focus to our client and partners needs keeping our social responsibility towards our employees and the ecological responsibility to our environment in mind. A main component of this philosophy is the open communication with our clients, partners and within our company. pernexas GmbH is focused on the IT and management consulting in the two divisions SAP Content Management and PDM/PLM. As partner of SAP and Alfresco, pernexas GmbH is integrating successfully SAP-Alfresco systems environments since 2009 around the world based on connexas.

Our Knowledge

With our knowledge of business processes we can cover the whole path from design, construction, purchasing, sales up to the recycling of the product. Our consultants are specialiced with the PDM system ENOVIA V6 of Dassault Systemes. Also, with our partner GreenDelta that provides internationally-leading services for software and consulting in sustainability, we extend our PLM service with enabling sustainability in your product life cycle! We round things off with our CAA knowledge to extend CATIA V5/V6.
We are clearly specialized on SAP Archiving / DMS. Our consultants do have more than 20 years of experience in the SAP Archiving (ArchiveLink) environment. Besides other archive systems we are focussed on the integration to the CMS Alfresco. In this area we provide the SAP certified interface between SAP and Alfresco called connexas.
We are the Alfresco partner in the SAP environment: With our product connexas and our deep SAP/Alfresco services-knowledge we offer the complete solution (plan, SW, build, manage) for our customers. You are already on the right way.

We are always aware about our economic responsibility to our customers and aware about our social responsibility towards our environment and to our employees. A main component of this philosophy is the open communication with our clients and within our company.

Harald Klein, Co-founder of pernexas GmbH


The company´s name is composed out of the Latin terms peritus (experience) — nexus (alliance) — gnaritas (knowledge). In our understanding these terms are the basic fundament of a sustainable and successful product and consulting in combination with a real and open partnership to our partners and customers.


we are your partner for making things possible