About Us

pernexas GmbH was founded in the year 2008. We deliver products and services with focus to our client and partners needs keeping our social responsibility towards our employees and the ecological responsibility to our environment in mind. A main component of this philosophy is the open communication with our clients, partners and within our company.

pernexas GmbH is focused on the IT and management consulting in the two divisions SAP Content Management and PDM/PLM. As partner of SAP and Alfresco, pernexas GmbH is integrating successfully SAP-Alfresco systems environments since 2009 around the world based on connexas.

connexas (www.connexas.eu) is the product linking SAP and Alfresco and is certified for SAP as well for Alfresco. We also offer a solution to run Alfresco Business Process Services (powered by Activiti) within SAP Fiori.



The company’s name is composed out of the Latin terms peritus (experience) – nexus (alliance) – gnaritas (knowledge). In our understanding these terms are the basic fundament of a sustainable and successful product and consulting in combination with a real and open partnership to our partners and customers.



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