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Alfresco - SAP Integration

Certified for linking Alfresco to SAP!

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connexas frontend

SAP-certified integration for SAP Fiori®

Run your Alfresco Process Services workflows through SAP Fiori Launchpad.

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connexas process

Alfresco Process Services driven by SAP meta-data

Boost Your Business Process Management By Integrating SAP

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Connected across the world

by our partner network

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A connexas success story

Leica Geosystems AG has reduced process flows and costs but has increased

quality of deliverables with Alfresco and SAP!

Read the full success story   [Auf Deutsch]

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We connect Alfresco to SAP

Simple. Smart. Certified.

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Services Beyond

Document Migration from SAP DB (and other CMS) to Alfresco

Additional Data Replication

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SAP Partner
SAP certified business solution
Alfresco Partner
Alfresco certified technology solution

About connexas

connexas is the name of our main product line that covers smart integrations between Alfresco Content Services as well as Alfresco Process Services and the worlds leading software in enterprise applications: SAP!
connexas content is SAP-certified for integration with SAP NetWeaver® for Alfresco Content Services. It is the only product on market that is certified by SAP and certified by Alfresco.
connexas frontend for SAP Fiori® is an integration we offer, that empowers companies to run workflows from Alfresco Process Services (Activiti) within SAP Cloud Platform to offer a personalized, consumer-grade user experience with SAP Fiori.
connexas process is a solution that empowers companies to use meta-data from SAP within custom workflows of Alfresco Process Services.Workflows can be driven by SAP data.

connexas scheme for sales

CEO Volker Blaesig leads through the video. Check out our Youtube channel to watch more videos.

HOT Company Video

The official released Alfresco partner video about our company and our product. Get further information about who we are, what we do and how our product connexas can help customers to be prepared for the Digital Transformation.

Our product: connexas at a glance (PDF)

Read the mentioned success stories in the video:
The Reject Shop, Australia
Leica Geosystems, Switzerland (auf Deutsch)


Check out more use-case videos on our Youtube channel.

Product Demo (short)

In about 6:30min we will demonstrate the capabilities of our Alfresco-SAP integration. Get a fast overview about the functionalities of connexas based on an example of a SAP purchase order. We will show you how to store and to display documents in SAP (that are managed in Alfresco), we also demonstrate the search capabilities in Alfresco to show SAP related documents. Furthermore, we give an example on how to manage the folder structure in Alfresco based on SAP replicated meta-data and even how to access the SAP business object from within Alfresco. In the demonstration we only use connexas core features.
Learn more about all features in our Feature section.

Your benefits while using connexas

Preferring connexas as your Alfresco-SAP interface comes around with certain advantages and many ready-to-use features:

  • SAP certified business solution
  • Alfresco certified technology solution
  • Fully integrated into Alfresco - no additional Software/Hardware is required
  • Seamless integrated into the SAP environment
  • SAP HANA / SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) support
  • Integrates in SAP S/4 HANA / SAP Fiori ready
  • Easy extendable - start small, grow in time
  • Plug&Play ready - connect SAP with Alfresco in less than one hour
  • SAP meta-data are available for non-SAP users in Alfresco
  • Bi-directional data-exchange
  • Replication of common meta-data from SAP to Alfresco already by default
  • Connect up to 10 different SAP systems to one Alfresco
  • Supports scalability for Alfresco systems

Learn more about all features in detail in our Features section.

Free Trial Version
Request a demo version and test it with full functional scope!

Alfresco certified

connexas is an Alfresco certified technology solution! This means, the program-code was approved by Alfresco to match all best-practices and coding standards. As it is also ensured, that only public API of Alfresco is used for communication, it runs on all approved versions in the same way and it minimizes impacts on updates within the same major version.

Alfresco certified technology solution

SAP certified

connexas is also a SAP certified business solution! This means that all Archivelink scenarios will be supported on the SAP HTTP Content Server version 4.7 (SAP HANA support) and that the documents are stored within a certain time to avoid performance issues. You can find the latest release of connexas also in the SAP APP Center!

SAP certified business solution

Smart Product. Smart Services!

Learn about our effective services to get the most value out of the Alfresco-SAP integration.

Starter Package / Proof Of Concept
Best way to start with Alfresco & SAP

Don´t know how to start? Then we recommend our Starter Package! We will capture your current ECM and ERP processes and demonstrate the feasibility to cover it with connexas. This includes the installation and the configuration of connexas as well.

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Additional Data Replication
Deep dive beyond the standard

Are the replicated metadata of the connexas core product not suitable anymore to cover new business needs and new scenarios? Do you need more information from SAP in Alfresco (or vice versa)? With our service to replicate any additional data, we take away your worries.

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SAP Document Migration to ECM
Move legacy data to Alfresco

With our smart migration tool we provide the capability to move all legacy data from your current content repository to Alfresco (or to any other ECM). We have experience in migrating documents from Documentum, FileNet and Opentext to Alfresco.

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Featured Media Resources

A random selection of available recordings from our Youtube channel. Lots of recorded sessions can be found there which demonstrate the feasibility of common use-cases where documents in SAP are stored to Alfresco. Also, recorded Webinars of our partners that use connexas to connect Alfresco with SAP at their customers, are available.

SAP Fiori App with Alfresco via connexas

See the end user view in our SAP Fiori App based on HCP, Alfresco and connexas.

SAP Activiti by pernexas

See how we integrate SAP and Activiti: - Use SAP data in Activiti workflow - Start SAP workflow from Activiti - Bidirectional data exchange Find all the details:

SAP S/4 HANA and Fiori with Alfresco and connexas

Get an introduction to handle documents with SAP S4 HANA, SAP Fiori and Alfresco via connexas